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Overwhelmed Survivors

The Passing of a Loved One

New advances have changed our way of life, including banking and money matters. Now, with the introduction of online banking, people can open accounts, save, withdraw, transfer, and execute lots of other transactions with leaving a paper trail. As opposed to the old days, bereaved families could track down bank accounts and assets owned by their departed by following the paper. However, tracking down the assets of the departed is increasingly becoming a challenge with the widespread adoption of online transactions, storage, and other paperless options available in the digital age.

How does lack of information affect the survivors?

An estate-planning lawyer recently revealed a story. Recently, one of his clients was forced to turn to distant family members. In order to cover funeral arrangement bills and daily expenses after her husband died. She couldn’t access the funds needed even though she was wealthy. All the accounts were in her husband’s name. Unfortunately, this awful situation is not uncommon.

In most cases, banks and other financial institutions freeze single-owner accounts after the holders of the accounts pass on. Consequently, survivors are overwhelmed when trying to access them. An incomplete picture of the number of accounts, account-holding banks, passwords, and net worth makes it even harder. This only adds to the pain of losing their better half, a parent, family member, or a guardian.

How can you help your family to settle financial matters?

This difficult situation can be avoided. You can use software programs offered by reliable, trusted, and well-established companies like My Family Documents. It is used to document your financial accounts, passwords, insurance, and heirs. Documenting these critical information goes a long way in easing the handling of your finances and other assets. You can relieve your family from the burden with the planning and documents offered by our software program. Trying to piece together their financial future with an incomplete picture will be simpler.

My Family Documents offers you a great solution. It offers one that helps your family settle your estate, pay bills and taxes, and receive benefits quickly and effectively when the time comes.  As the breadwinner, you can look over your family long after you’re gone. With our software program at your survivor’s disposal, you won’t leave with the keys to your family’s financial future.

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