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My Family Documents was founded with the passion to help families rebuild and manage their finances when a family member, who was active in the financial affairs of the family, passes away or becomes unable to maintain this responsibility.

It’s all too common that we hear of an aunt or uncle, grandparent, in-law, or friend that experienced the passing of a loved one.  While this is tragic in and of itself, the situation is compounded when this person handles all of the finances, manages the payments of credit cards, balances the bank accounts, deals with all of the insurance and the surviving family memebers have no idea how to access the accounts, where the accounts are located, what is due when, what the usernames and passwords are to accounts and even getting access to their mobile phone.

We designed My Family Documents to give people a way to document, store and maintain their most personal and financial information in a secure USB flash drive, instead of the public Internet where your information can easily be stolen.  We’ve carefully designed our software program to provide you an organized way to properly store this information in a safe and secure manner that YOU control.

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