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End of life document storage

End of Life Document Storage

As we get older, we need to think more about our document storage. This article will help you understand the best practices to make sure your important end of life documents are stored securely but are also accessible for you and your loved ones.


End of Life Document Storage

What Documents Do I Need to Store?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is what are the important documents you’ll need to gather and organize for your loved ones. After you die, your family will need to access a variety of personal documents. They need to shut down your accounts, transfer funds and other assets, manage your property, and carry out your end of life wishes.

Here’s an important list to keep in mind when gathering your important documents:

You might have more information to include based on your unique circumstances. This list is a good starting point to make sure you have your affairs in order for your loved ones.

Many people even create a “When I Die” file. This will help you keep all these critical end of life documents together. Keeping them along with any additional final preferences, directions, or wishes. It might be difficult to think about your own end of life plans. However, a “When I Die” file will keep all your information in one convenient place.  

Settling a loved one’s affairs can take months or even years. Without quick access to this information, your loved ones will have an even more difficult time managing your accounts and taking care of your end of life needs.

This can lead to uncertainty and confusion among your family members. They might disagree about what you would have wanted to happen to your possessions or how you would have wanted your funeral arranged.

If you die without a will, your loved ones will also have to deal with a complex legal situation called intestacy that will mean your property has to be managed through a probate court. Your loved ones don’t need the extra chaos and expense of poorly organized personal documents during such a challenging time.

You have the power to help them avoid unnecessary disagreement and stress. Start getting your important documents in order now!


Flash Drive for end of life documents

Flash Drive versus Online Document Storage

Once you’ve figured out what important documents you need to gather for your loved ones, the next step is deciding how to store them. It can be easy to think that you should stow away your information in a secret part of the house where no one will find them.

Unfortunately, this can lead to problems when loved ones are unable to find what they need when the time comes. It’s critical that your information is secure, but also accessible to your loved ones.

Luckily, My Family Documents offers a unique storage device that allows you to securely keep all your important information in one place. It’s a USB flash drive that comes programmed with user-friendly software that will help you meaningfully organize your documents for both yourself and your loved ones. Folders, sub-folders, and easy-to-follow prompts will let you know how to store your information and will keep all of it easy to find.

Security and cost are two of the other biggest factors you should consider when deciding on the best way to store your important end of life documents. Here’s a breakdown of what each of these factors look like for flash drive versus online document storage.

Flash drive security


There are some important things to keep in mind when choosing how to store your end of life information. Security should always be a top priority. You are storing quite a bit of personal information, and it could be dangerous if the wrong people got their hands on it.

Flash drive storage offers considerably more security than online storage options. Web-based options are vulnerable to online hackers since all your information is stored on the internet.

With My Family Documents, you are in control of your information. Everything is stored on the physical USB flash drive. Then, you choose where you store it to make sure it stays safe. Just be sure to let your loved ones know where you keep it so they can access it when the time comes.

My Family Documents makes sure all your information is encrypted on the flash drive. It’s also password-protected, so only the people you share the password with will be able to access any of your information.

If you want to keep your documents secure, flash drive document storage with My Family Documents is the best option for you.


Another aspect to consider when deciding how to store your important documents should be the cost. There are already plenty of other end of life expenses to worry about. These include funeral arrangements, legal fees, and medical bills, to name a few. You and your loved ones shouldn’t have to deal with anything else.

That’s where My Family Documents can help. Unlike internet-based options that charge high annual or monthly fees to access your information, My Family Documents is only a single, one-time fee upfront. Once you have the flash drive, nobody will try to upsell you to get more products and services. You’ll already have everything you and your loved ones will need.

Flash drive document storage with My Family Documents is the most cost-effective solution to make sure all your information is conveniently organized in one place.

It might seem overwhelming to start making important end of life arrangements. You’ll be saving your loved ones considerable time, money, and energy. This will already be an emotional, grief-filled time for your family. You want them to be able to grieve in peace.

Getting started on your “When I Die” file now will free them from unnecessary stress following your death. With My Family Documents, you can now give them the peace of mind that everything they will need is easy to find, secure, and organized.

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