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Do you store my information?

Rest Easy...

My Family Documents keeps a record of the person purchasing the software program. We DO NOT share any of your contact information with any third party, whatsoever. We want you to feel comfortable in knowing that we're on your side and we don't want to exploit that relationship.

Who can see the information that I input on the software program?

Your information is secure.

Any information entered into the My Family Documents software program is only visible to the person entering the correct password. It's impossible for My Family Documents to see any of the information you enter into the software program simply because this program isn't connected to the internet nor can we store your password. If you lose or forget your password, you need to click on Reset Password and begin all over with your information. This is a demonstration as to how secure your password information is on this software program.

Can I refer someone to your product?

Absolutely, we wish you would

We'll gladly compensate you for your referral as this is how we help families throughout the world. Simply sign up under Referral Program and you’ll receive a unique referral code to share. When they use your unique referral code, they'll save $5.00 on their order. You in turn, will earn $10.00 for each referral! You're helping your friends and family with an incredible software program and you'll get compensated for your efforts.

What if I have a question once I receive your software program?

Contact Us at:

We designed the software program to be incredibly easy to use, however, we understand questions come up. Simply email your question to

What if I prefer to speak to someone?

We have LIVE people to help you

None of our competitors allow you to speak to them directly, which is another reason to love and trust us. Simply call 952 381-9929 to speak to a live representative. If you're calling outside our normal business hours (8-5 pm CDT M-F) or during heavy call volume, you'll be asked to leave a voicemail with your name and number and a representative will call you back within 24-hours.

What if I have second thoughts or I don't like your software program?

We offer refunds

If you have second thoughts, we hope you find an alternative solution as this is an important decision you're making that impacts your loved ones. If you find this software program doesn't meet your needs, we'll give you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Should I go with a USB flash drive or an Internet Web-Based solution?

My Family Documents provides the most secure solution available in the industry.

With our USB flash drive solution, YOU are in control of the information you input into the software program and YOU control where the information is saved. Our competition requires you to use the public Internet where hackers thrive and seek your personal information for gain. We strongly advise against anyone from putting any of their personal or financial information over any Internet connection due to the propensity of your information getting hacked or compromised. Think of how many security experts work at Target, Capital One, eBay, and Equifax yet all of them were recently hacked. Stay away from web-based solutions with their false claims of being secure.

What is a USB flash drive?

It's the most popular data storage device

A USB Flash Drive is a compatible USB flash memory drive that acts like a portable hard drive, letting you store and transport your most precious computer data. They hold incredibly large amounts of information and are small (about the size of a pack of chewing gum).

How do I use the USB flash drive?

It's really easy to use!

Just plug your USB flash drive into the USB port of your computer or other USB equipped device. The flash drive has an LED light that will flash to indicate it's operational.

Your computer may recognize a new drive has been detected, and prompt you to open the drive (or run files already on the drive). Choose the option to 'open' or 'explore' the new drive.

If you are running Microsoft Windows as an operating system, you can also see the new drive by clicking 'My Computer' on the 'Start' menu which lists all your computer's drives, including the flash drive. Double click the flash drive to open it.

You can unplug your flash drive at any time, as long as files are not being read from or written to the flash drive. Ensure the LED is not flashing.

Are USB flash drives suseptible to corruption from airport security technology?

USB Flash Drives are airport security safe!

Will my USB flash drive work with any computer?

Long story short, yes!

USB Flash Drives use the USB protocol to operate with PCs, Macs and any other device with a USB port. Typically USB Flash Drives use mass storage class drivers that are incorporated in Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP or later as well as Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X or later as well as Linux 2.4.6 or later. It should work on your computer, but if it doesn't, we'll gladly refund the cost.

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