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Single Storage Device

My Family Documents is a USB flash drive software program which works with any computer that has a USB drive.  It comes with everything you need to easily input, store, change, and maintain your data on a single device.  All your family information including usernames and passwords, financial account information, key contacts, insurance, and much more in ONE location.

Easy To Use

Folders and sub-folders provide instant organization.  Each contain pre-designed forms for easy data entry and the form fields are designed to ensure you don’t miss any critical data.  You can easily expand any section to add additional layers of information simply by pressing the + symbol.

My Family Documents USB flash drive is protected by a distinctive storage case. When you receive your package by mail, or overnight delivery, it will contain easy-to-follow instructions to get you started.


Simply Priced

The complete software program is a one-time payment of $31.99 (quantity discount available) which includes tax and standard shipping.

Don’t fall for costly online solutions which charge an Annual fee of $75 – $100.  Over the course of 30 years, you’ll end up paying $2,250 – $3,000 for a web-based internet solution that’s prone to hackers.  That’s simply ridiculous!!

What’s Your Biggest Concern?


You're in full control!!

When not using the program, store it in a convenient, yet secure place, like a safe. All the data is encrypted and can't be accessed without a password.

This is not a web-based solution and nothing is stored on the Internet. Everything is stored on the USB flash drive that you securely store.

Ease of Use?


Simply insert the USB thumb drive into your computer, create a password, complete the easy-to-follow prompts, save your work, remove the USB thumb drive, then store it in a safe place.

That's as easy as it gets!

What are you waiting for?


We're unlike other companies who charge high Annual or Monthly recurring fees and then try to upsell you to buy more products once you join. We believe having a great product that's simply priced is a good value for customers. My Family Documents stands behind our product. We're confident you'll appreciate the organizational design of the software program. However, if you're not completely satisfied within 60 days of purchase, we'll issue you a full refund.

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