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My Family Documents is Everything You Need to Store Your Most Personal Information

Managing your personal information has never been easier. My Family Documents is more than a storage device – it’s a way to keep all your most private family information and data in one place that’s safe and secure. It’s an organizational vault to conveniently store all the important information your family will need one day when you’ve passed on or are unable to continue to manage everything.

My Family Documents

Organizational Solution

With easy-to-use folders and sub-folders the software program is designed to organize your family’s most basic or most complicated and confusing personal and financial situations.

Single Storage Device

USB flash drive solution comes preloaded with software that allows you to input, store, change, and maintain all of your personal and financial information on a single device.

Secure & Protected

The USB flash drive is password protected and encrypted to safeguard your information.

You’re in full control of where you store the USB flash drive!

Don’t just take our word for it.

I pay all the bills in our house. Now my husband has all the information if he ever needs to take over. I got one for my parents too.

Sally in South Carolina

Now I finally feel in control of my personal information.

John from North Dakota

It helped me organize my data which, in turn, gave me less to worry about as I get older.

Mary Beth from New Orleans

It’s amazing how great this feels to get this done. Now my wife and family have all the critical information they’ll need.

Robert in Denver

My Family Documents Safeguards Your Family

You work hard to care for your family and you need to plan for how they’ll function some day, without you. Do they know how to access critical accounts like your bank accounts, investment accounts, insurance policy, will and trust? Do they know the Username and Passwords to your various accounts which should each have their own unique login? Without planning, it could take them months to gain access to your accounts. It’s important to your family that you take the time to inventory your personal information and digital assets.

Don’t rely on web-based solutions that claim to keep your information secure – even the most trusted enterprise businesses are continuously getting hacked.

With My Family Documents, it’s simple to document, inventory and store your personal and financial information. With folders and sub-folders to help organize your life, there’s plenty of space for:

  • Family Information – complete record of personal information including spouse/partner, children and pets
  • Contacts – keep personal, professional and key contacts on file
  • Passwords – save usernames and passwords for everything including your phone and social media accounts
  • Insurance – maintain record of your home, auto, life and other insurance
  • Accident or Final Arrangements – save your will, health directive and document your final wishes
  • Accounts – retain bank, retirement, investments, credit card information and more

Usernames & Passwords

Store all your accounts, electronic devices & social sites

Financial Accounts

Safeguard banking, retirement, investments, credit card information and other assets

Family Information

Record personal information including spouse/partner, children and pets

Key Contacts

Keep personal, professional and key contacts handy

Final Arrangements

Save your will, health directive and evidence of your final wishes


Record your home, auto, life, health, disability and other insurance

Take this important preventative measure to inventory your personal and financial information.

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