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My Family Documents USB Flash Drive


Now more than ever, it is important to take an inventory of your personal and financial information. My Family Documents is the tool that makes it possible to get your arms around everything, very easily and quickly!

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With My Family Documents, your personal and financial information is simple to document, save, and when necessary, pass along to loved ones.  With folders, sub-folders and open text areas, you’re sure to capture everything you need to make it easier for your loved ones to carry on without you.  Key areas include:

  • Family Information – record personal information including you, your spouse, and children’s information, including education, military, memberships, and other information.
  • Professional and Key Contacts – Business Partners, Attorneys, Accountants, Doctors, Insurance Agents, Financial Managers, Spiritual Contacts, and other key people in your life.
  • Passwords – save all your passwords – from credit cards, bank accounts, computers, phones, other electronic devices, and social media sites.
  • Financial – Bank Accounts, Retirement Accounts, Will & Trusts, Titles to Vehicles, Real Estate Investments, Safe Deposit Boxes, Home Safe, Storage Units.
  • Insurance – Life, Health, Disability, Homeowners, Renters, Automobile, and other Insurance.
  • Accident or Final Arrangements – Contact the following people, notes to key people in your life, people/pets you care for.
  • Family Recipes – Pass along your family heritage.

Take the time now to save this critical information!

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