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Store online documents

Storing Your Will Online

Online wills are becoming increasingly popular as the digital world continues to expand. This article will help you learn how to make an online will. Also, it will show you how to store it. Then you can make sure your loved ones can easily access it when the time comes.

Storing online documents

Why You Should Make a Will

You’ve probably heard before that you should make a last will and testament. But it can be difficult to think about arrangements for after you die. It can also be difficult to make such important decisions about your property, assets, and even children. For many people, it easily becomes one of those tasks they put off forever.

Unfortunately, dying without a will can cause quite a bit of stress for the loved ones you leave behind. They will be the ones to manage your affairs, deal with your property, and carry out your end of life wishes.

Dying without a will can leave your property in a frustrating legal situation called intestacy. Without a will, your loved ones will also have to put up with the uncertainty of not knowing what you would have wanted.

This can lead to disagreement and unnecessary confusion for your family. They may disagree about how to handle your property or who you would have wanted to inherit your valuable possessions.

This will be a difficult enough time for them. You don’t want to make things any harder for them. Making a will is any easy first step to giving your loved ones peace of mind.

Creating an online will

Creating an Online Will

Before the internet, making a will used to be a lot more complicated. Luckily, now there are a variety of free online will templates available to help you figure out how to write one. Online wills are just as legitimate as ones created by a lawyer and carry the same legal authority after your death.

Unlike wills written by a lawyer, online will templates are free to download. The template guidelines will help you make sure you include all the required important information. If you’d prefer, though, after you create your online will, you can also have a lawyer review it, too.

While everyone’s will is unique depending on personal circumstances, many of the important decisions are the same for everybody. Here are some of the most common decisions you will have to consider:

What would you like to happen to your property?

Who would you like to inherit any remaining funds or valuable assets?

If you have young children, who would you like to become their guardian?

How would you like your digital assets handled (i.e. digital accounts, devices, and personal photos, videos, and documents)?

Who would you like to be the executor of your will?

It’s a good idea to not only list all this information in your will, but also to discuss it with your loved ones–especially the executor of your will. This is the person you choose to manage your affairs and make sure your will is honored. You should definitely make sure the person you select is comfortable with the responsibility and clearly understands your end of life wishes.

Writing your online will should be part of a broader end of life plan. There are plenty of other important documents, account passwords, and end of life wishes to get in order for your loved ones. You want your loved ones to be prepared so that when the time comes, they can manage your affairs without the added stress of not knowing what you would have wanted. My Family Documents can help.

Storing Your Online Will with My Family Documents

Once you’ve created your will, it’s important that you keep it in a safe place. It can be easy to think that stowing away your will in a secret spot is the best bet. But hiding it can end up hurting your loved ones. They will need to reference not only your will, but many other of your important personal documents.

Instead, My Family Documents provides a unique USB flash drive that allows you to store all of your important information and documents in one convenient place. The flash drive is specifically designed to be easy to use and is pre-programmed with organizational software that will let you meaningfully sort your information.

Your loved ones will need to access a variety of information after you die. This includes your will, but also your financial statements, insurance policies, investment portfolios, bank information, email, and any end of life preferences you’ve already outlined. Many of these likely come with their own log-in credentials and passwords. My Family Documents will allow you to store all of these in one, organized place.

My Family Documents is more secure than web-based options that are vulnerable to cyber criminals on the internet. All of your information is encrypted on the USB flash drive. Since it’s a physical device, you also choose where you store it to make sure it stays safe. Just be sure to tell your loved ones where you keep it so they can access it.

Also, unlike internet-based options that charge high annual fees, My Family Documents charges only a single one-time payment and then you have unlimited access. With My Family Documents, your family will have the peace of mind that all your information is securely organized and accessible without the hassle of extra fees.

Making an online will is a critical first step in your end of life planning. Without a will, you will leave behind unneeded uncertainty and chaos for your loved ones. Luckily, My Family Documents can help you store not only your will, but also the dozens of other important documents and passwords your family will need to access when the time comes.

It’s never easy to think about making a will. Doing it online is easy and will reassure your loved ones that they’ll have everything they need. Get started on it today.

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