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Taking Control of Your Family’s Financials – a Personal Account

Your Family Member’s Personal Accounts

For those of us as young as 50, the world has changed so much in our lifetimes. It can be easy to forget. A childhood without computers or the Internet. The phone was something that plugged into the wall. You kept your auto insurance, bank statements and so on in a file at home.  Today, the Internet is a major part of our lives. From social media accounts to working from home, the digital world is part of everything we do.

Phones are now high definition cameras, video screens, and so much more. The landline to a person’s home rarely exists because of cord cutting.  Banking is now performed online. In fact almost every major financial document you have, from investments to mortgages, insurance to utilities, is locked behind an online account that we all take for granted.

Passing of a Loved One

None of us know what the future holds. But, have you ever thought about your documents, accounts and other important paperwork if anything were to happen to you? Sadly, this is the exact situation my sister found herself in last November. Her husband passed unexpectedly, a terrible tragedy that happens to people every day. Of course, family pulls together in those trying times. The grief and shock were exacerbated by something none of us had thought of before.

In this situation, the need to sort out insurance policies, deal with the bank, retirement accounts, other various financial commitments, and so many other seemingly minor things turned into a nightmare.  Their accounts were locked behind passwords that she didn’t know. The situation became dire.  At every turn, things were delayed by having to prove who she was and she was entitled to access the accounts. Frustrating at the best of times, amidst the fallout of bereavement, it became so much more challenging.

It wasn’t just financial and legal documents either. Little things like his social media accounts, various club memberships, and more. Knowing how to deal with it all was overwhelming. I had never given a thought this type of situation. Making a Will is one thing, but I hadn’t really considered the practicalities of my spouse not being there. How does one try to unravel a family’s digital life? With little idea of where to begin with everything since their finances were managed by the person who passed away. It turned into a real-life puzzle and my sister is still uncertain if she uncovered everything her husband set up for them.

My Family Documents: A Solution

I don’t want that to ever be a possibility for my family. When searching for answers to this, I came across My Family Documents. It’s a simple, yet detailed software solution that paints the entire picture of our family’s financial and personal situation. With My Family Documents, we now keep everything in one place. It is security that I control, but easy to access, should the worst happen.  Nothing can change the heartache and grief of losing a loved one. But, at least I know now that whatever happens, no one will have to repeat my sister’s experience.

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